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The Friends Tree is a special tree which is located to the right of your monster's door in your room. On this special tree, friends grow (Hence the name the Friends Tree) and the tree also grows when you add a certain amount of friends. In the first ever issue of The Daily Growl (View it here), it said the Friends Tree would be released on Tuesday, January 8, 2008.  


  • As you get more friends, your Friends Tree will grow bigger. You normally grow a new branch when you've got 20 more friends or so, you need around 55 friends to reach the highest height.
  • Each friend has their own 'box'. This will include a picture of the monster. If the monster's owner is a member then their monster will dance and their photo will be surrounded by a gold frame. You can also see the owner's username, their age and their country.
  • You can add best friends. Non-members may have 3 best friends, and members may have 11 best friends. Your best friends names will be at the top of your tree, no matter how long they have been on your tree, and their box will be purple with stars, unlike normal ones who have a plain blue box.
  • When you hover over someone's box, you will have the choice to do things. You can make them a best friend by clicking the star. Clicking the X will remove them from your Friends Tree. Clicking the other button will block them, and stop them from sending you a friend request again.
  • You can search for someone, even if the user is not on your friend tree. You even have a personal search bar to find people on your Friend's Tree.
  • If someone has sent you a friend request, your friend tree will shake its leaves, and the tag in the dirt will have a red exclamation mark in it.
  • You have two separate search engines in your friend tree. One is search engine your friends, and one is a search engine for monsters who are not your buddies yet.
  • 10,000 friends is the limit on the Friends Tree.
  • Deleted accounts, including accounts that have not been active for many years, are displayed with the age "49" if they remain on the Friends Tree (as of 2019). Searching these usernames (with the search engine for monsters who are not your buddies yet) cannot be done nor can visiting these deleted accounts' houses be possible.
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