The Friendlies are a Moshling set exclusively appearing in the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt app. Unlike other sets, the Friendlies holds 31 different Moshling designs as opposed to 4. This set is also the only set to allow an unlimited amount of Moshlings (the set builds additional rows as more Moshlings are added). Their theme is similar to the Smilies and Happies, all sharing the trait of happiness and positive vibes.


Colour Variations

Animations and sound files

Image Animation Sound
Custom Moshling 1
Extends neck, looks around and waves at the player
Egg Hunt tap Custom1
Custom Moshling 2
Shakes head and giggles at the player
Egg Hunt tap Custom2
Custom Moshling 3
Pulls the strap on their dungarees
Egg Hunt tap Custom3
Custom Moshling 4
Crown falls off head, causing punk music to play. Moshling flips crown back onto head and music stops
Egg Hunt tap Custom4
Custom Moshling 5
Spins at great speeds into the air before eventually stopping and falling
Egg Hunt tap Custom5
Custom Moshling 6
The strands on their hair act as a propeller, making the Moshling hover for a while before falling
Egg Hunt tap Custom6
Custom Moshling 7
Moshling shimmies to the music before star jumping in the air
Egg Hunt tap Custom7
Custom Moshling 8
Moshling rotates 360 degrees on the spot
Egg Hunt tap Custom8
Custom Moshling 9
Throws staff into the air, making it spin, then holds it up as power gains inside of it
Egg Hunt tap Custom9
Custom Moshling 10
Hums whilst shaking their branches until a small bird appears in their tree hair
Egg Hunt tap Custom10
Custom Moshling 11
Sneezes and causes an avalanche on itself
Egg Hunt tap Custom11
Custom Moshling 12
Pulls four leaf clover off head and eats it
Egg Hunt tap Custom12
Custom Moshling 13
Bounces up and down a few times
Egg Hunt tap Custom13
Custom Moshling 14
Jumps into their mushroom cap and spins in the air for a while before falling
Egg Hunt tap Custom14
Custom Moshling 15
Shakes the petals? stalks? leaves? on their head up and down
Egg Hunt tap Custom15
Custom Moshling 16
Exercises and tries to touch their toes
Egg Hunt tap Custom16
Custom Moshling 17
Explodes and causes an eruption to itself
Egg Hunt tap Custom17
Custom Moshling 18
Loops upside down on the spot
Egg Hunt tap Custom18
Custom Moshling 19
Throws stick from one hand to the other
Egg Hunt tap Custom19
Custom Moshling 20
Fills head with water then lets it out and squeaks
Egg Hunt tap Custom20
Custom Moshling 21
Extends eye stalks and waves at the player
Egg Hunt tap Custom21
Custom Moshling 22
Sweats whilst their cap flies out of their head and steam out of their nose
Egg Hunt tap Custom22
Custom Moshling 23
Shakes their head and their toppings fly causing an onion to fall out and then eaten by the Moshling
Egg Hunt tap Custom23
Custom Moshling 24
Marches on the spot
Egg Hunt tap Custom24
Custom Moshling 25
Horn glows with rainbow colours whilst the instrumental to Go Do The Hoodoo plays
Egg Hunt tap Custom25
Custom Moshling 26
A fly comes around to bother the Moshling before landing on its nose. The Moshling extends its claws and swats at the fly before it takes its leave.
Egg Hunt tap Custom26
Custom Moshling 27
Hugs itself
Egg Hunt tap Custom27
Custom Moshling 28
Egg Hunt tap Custom28
Custom Moshling 29
Flutters up into the air
Egg Hunt tap Custom29
Custom Moshling 30
Balances on its tail
Egg Hunt tap Custom30


Each Moshling can be obtained by codes found in the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt book. Moshling codes can be used one time by each person.


Any prefix and suffix can be combined to formulate the Moshling's species.

Prefix Suffix
Obbly Flopsipop
Nibbly Dobbly
Jabberdy Doodledoo
Slapstick Gurgler
Fobbly Wobbler
Scrunchy Trippity
Wuzzly Fangswaggler
Dibbly Shockatoo
Bumbly Woohoo
Magical Wooble
Sparkling Wibbler
Fizzling Faddle
Enchanty Ballyhoo
Happy Bumpity
Quaffling Hibberdy
Smiley Jibberty
Giddy Doodler
Tiddly Dooey
Wamwoozling Sprite
Wivvy Gazzoo

Likes and dislikes

Likes and dislikes are randomly chosen for every Moshling.

Likes Dislikes
Magical Kazoos Bongo Colada Cocktails
Cotton Candy Kebabs Grass Goolash
Hula Dancing Moonwalking on Talcum Powder
Curly Straws Gutterfly Soup
Skipping Rope Spaghetti Gooberry Milkshakes
Pom-Poms Thumpkin Seeds
Chomping Snowflakes Flippity Cakes
Laser Rainbows Runny Eggs
Soft Loo Rolls Hot Hoodoo Stew
Dangling Donuts Sludge Fudge
Fishbone Combs Pumpernickel Breadcrumbs
Plinky Pianos Mice Krispies
Toffee Toothpaste Mutant Sprouts
Runny Porridge Rubber Chickens
Sponge Flip-Flops Twitching Curtains
Seaweed Sandwiches Bongo Colada
Deep Fried Banana Skins Butter in the Gutter
Untangled Pretzels Dancing on the Ceiling
Toffee-Nosed Plums Lemon Pips
Balls of Silly String Toasted Barfmallows
Rabbits in Hats Barbequed Ladybird Wings
Silver Toenail Clippings The Cost of Cookies
Sausage Skins Fancy Pants
Buttercup Broth Pineapple Rings
Sparkly Candy Apples Loud Snorting
Doing the Splits Frozen Gooberry Surprise
Marmalade with Bits Purple Sprouting Seaweed
Plastic Daffodils Swamp Soup
Tickly Pickles Wet Concrete
Purple Sprouting Broccoli Loose Socks
Licorice Lassos Dandelion Crumble
Enchanted Corn Hungry Splatterpillars
Ash-Flavoured Hotcakes Wobbly Wafers
Star Spangled Sweeties Battyfish Eggs
Flash Photography Toasted Toadstools
Vinegar Baths Whackcurrant Lollies
Windsocks Dyed Beards
Power Ballads Mini Chef’s Hats
Clowns with Frowns Buttered Crumpets
Pickled Herrings Silly Sausages
Wobbly Saucers Flamenco Tromboning
Balloon Animals Custard Baths


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