Flutterby Gate
Flutterby Field
is a game located on Main Street. In this game, the player will play as the Colonel Catcher. The player catches butterflies using the net.

To use the net, the player must click with their mouse. Catching butterflies will give them points. The more butterflies they capture, the more Rox they will earn. If a creepy-crawly is hit, they will lose their health. If their health reaches to 0, the game will be over and the results will come up.

Butterflies and Points

  • Red butterflies with yellow spots are worth 10 points.
  • Yellow butterflies with orange and green spots are worth 15 points.
  • Green butterflies with light-green Spots are worth 20 points.
  • Blue butterflies with green spots are worth 25 points.
  • Purple butterflies with pink and yellow spots are worth 40 points.
  • White butterflies with blue spots are worth 80 points.
  • Green and Purple butterflies with orange and blue spots are worth 200 points.


  • This is one of the earliest mini-games found on Moshi Monsters dating back to January 2008.