Flitter the Batcat is a common Moshling in the Secrets set in Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt. They have the physical features of a bat and a cat. Flitter can make high-pitched whistling and use their capes as umbrellas.

Their name was revealed in the 100% Moshlings magazine issue. Soon after, they were shown to be part of The Magnificent Moshi Circus themed figurines.

Flitter did not see a release inside of the original online game however made their debut in the Egg Hunt application where they replaced Dustbin Beaver in the Secrets set. Flitter is obtained via daily egg hatching.


Is it a cat or a bat? Neither, it's a Batcat and it's totally beguiling! In fact these enchanting Moshlings are forever flittering around Monstro City, mesmerising onlookers with their whimsical, high-pitched whistling and upside-down gym displays. They can even remove their fashionable batwing capes, which they use as umbrellas.



Moonbeams and chocolate milk.


Lightbulbs and gleaming windows.


  • Flitter's species is the shortest yet at only one word (Batcat).
  • Flitter is the second Moshling to replace an existing Moshling; Flitter being the replacement for Dustbin Beaver. The first was Baby Rox replacing Lady GooGoo.
    • Both instances of replacement occurred in the Secrets set.
  • Alike their biography description, in their animation Flitter's wings are detached and used as an umbrella.
  • Flitter's tap sound is incorrectly named in Egg Hunt, causing it not to play and rendering it unused.


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