First Officer Ooze the Zoshling is an ultra-rare "Moshling" in the Zoshlings set within the Moshi Monsters franchise. Ooze is second in command out of their crew and the gloop they generate is extremely helpful as it can make anything grow aside other useful abilities.

Ooze is Captain Squirk's first officer and was captured by Frau Now BrownKau to drain them of their Cosmic Gloop, a powerful substance only they can produce, whose ability is to make things grow to unnaturally huge proportions. It is uncertain what C.L.O.N.C. planned/plans to do with it.

Aside season 2 missions, Ooze also appears in Lost in Hong Bong, where they provide you with some of their Cosmic Gloop to help Captain Buck, the Cloudy Cloth Clipper and the crew (though not shown) to regain their original size.


Second in command aboard the Rhapsody 2, Ooze is famous for producing Cosmic Gloop, strange icky stuff that can lubricate Zoshi contraptions, help you sing in tune and even make things grow. A teaspoon a day is all you need!

Collector's Guide

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Second in command aboard the Rhapsody 2, First Officer Ooze is always in demand thanks to all the cosmic gloop he generates. Tamara Tesla tells me that besides oiling all kinds of alien contraptions, this icky stuff has magical auto-tuning properties - a teaspoon a day and you'll be singing like Missy Kix (not that I know much about her!) in no time. It even makes things grow, so I might just get some for my beard and Moshling seeds!


Unexplored Area

From the Planet Symphonia.


Gooey, studious, humourous.
Gardening and shelling peas.
Salt and slug pellets.

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First Officer Ooze is second-in-command aboard the Rhapsody 2, This shell-clad Zoshling has a very special talent - secreting lots of Cosmic Gloop, which the alien critters use to lubricate all kinds of cosmic contraptions. The gloopendous Gloop can also make anything grow monstrously fast, so Moshis need to be careful not to get it on their hair-don'ts
Stellar singing
Want to warble like fangtastic Moshling singing sensation Zack Binspin? Then you need to make friends with First Officer Ooze and get hold of some of his icky sticky Gloop. A daily teaspoon of this slime will lubricate your tonsils and auto-tune your vocal cords.
Alien abduction
Creepy C.L.O.N.C. agents were desperate to get their dirty paws on some cosmic Gloop. They Zoshi-napped Officer Ooze, and placed him in a test tube to squeeze the gungy gooey stuff out of him.
Data File
Habitat: Swooniverse
Job: First Officer of the Rhapsody 2
Zoshling crew: Captain Squirk, Splutnik, Dr C Fingz

  • Googly eyes on stalks
  • Ooze keeps his shell on at all times.
  • Squishy body made of weird alien gunk


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Always in demand thanks to the Cosmic Gloop he generates, First Officer Ooze is second in command aboard the Rhapsody 2. But what's with the Gloop? Well, besides lubricating all kinds of Zoshi contraptions, this icky stuff has magical auto-tuning properties – a teaspoon a day and you'll be singing like Missy Kix in no time.

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Moshling Rescue!

First Officer Ooze is one of the few characters in Moshling Rescue! having been given a biography on Pinterest but does not actually appears in the game. They also do not appear in an alternative outfit. With the rest of the Zoshlings, they were last in line to be added to a level, but after Dr. C. Fingz and Splutnik, the game went on to "Golden" Moshlings with the Birdies set.

First Officer Ooze
First Officer Ooze

Hey, I'm First Officer Ooze! I'm famous for producing Cosmic Gloop- strange icky stuff that lubricates Zoshi contraptions, helps you sing in tune and even make things grow! #MoshlingRescue #Moshling #Rescue #Rescuer #FirstOfficerOoze



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