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Figures, small collectable toys of Moshi Monsters characters, were manufactured by Vivid Imaginations and sold across many global territories, fastly becoming one of Moshi Monsters' notable merchandise items. 

Thirteen series of figures have been released in the United Kingdom. Many other figure variations and finishes have been released such as Winter Wonderland themed, glitter, gold, Halloween, super brights and glow in the dark. In addition to this, some figures were exclusive to books and other items of merchandise. 

An online countdown, often on 'mom blogs' or the official Moshi Monsters store, was created for each series from series 3 to 11 in order to create hype for the upcoming series. Each day from the release a new Moshling was revealed. For example, as there are sixteen figures in Series 10, the countdown started sixteen days before May 23 (the release date).

Series and Release


Halloween/Glow in the Dark

  • Series 1 - Released October 2011 
  • Series 2 - Released October 2012 (Re-released in October 2013)
  • Special Eggs - Released October 2013

Winter Wonderland

  • Series 1- Released October 2012
  • Series 2- Released October 2013

Super Bright Easter Figures

  • Wave 1 - Released March 2012
  • Wave 2 - Released March 2013 (Re-released March 2014)


Micro Moshi

  • Series 1 - Released February 2013
  • Series 2 - Released August 2013
  • Series 3 - Released January 2014

Egg Hunt

Tins and Collections

International Series

Despite all figure series and variations being made for the United Kingdom, different series have been created and released abroad. In North America, both Spinmaster and Schylling have sold Moshi Monsters figures.

Schylling Series 1 - Including UK Series 1 - 3; packaging is similar to Originals; Lady Goo Goo, Dustbin Beaver and the removed Series 3 characters do not appear in this series; released 24th March 2013.
Schylling Series 2 - Equivalent to the UK Series 4; Series 5 style packaging; released 2014.
Schylling Series 3 - Equivalent to the UK Series 5; Series 4 style packaging; released 2014.
Spinmaster Series 1 - First half of UK Series 1; released 2011; blister packs include three figures and blind bags include one figure instead of the traditional five for blisters and two for blind bags.
Spinmaster Series 2 - Second half of UK Series 1; released 2011; blister packs include three figures and blind bags include one figure instead of the traditional five for blisters and two for blind bags; Humphrey, DJ Quack, Peppy, Pooky, Cali, Mr. Snoodle, Scamp, Squidge, Kissy and Ecto's figure include holes for safety reasons stated on packaging.
The Food Factory collectables have also appeared on shelves in North America in blind bags, blister packs and ultimate packs.


  • Snozzle Wobbleson was shown on packages of the Series 5 figures, misleading people into thinking he was in it. Along with this, Moshi Monsters' Twitter posted a photo of Snozzle, claiming they found him. When the picture was ripped directly from a Toy Fair video. Vivid later admitted that they accidentally missed out Snozzle Wobbleson from production, to make up for it, they held 'Snozzle Saturday', an event to obtain him as an apology. You can now get Snozzle Wobbleson in Series 5 and Originals packs, along with this, A golden Snozzle Wobbleson is also available.
  • Micro Dave was confirmed to be in Series 7, but the figure has not been released in that series. The SEA LIFE swap center has stated that they are in Series 8.
    • Pinestein, who was also confirmed to be in Series 10 from the Design a Moshling Contest 2013 Gallery, has not appeared.
      • However, both Micro Dave and Pinestein appeared in Food Factory collectables (Series 12).
  • Splutnik and Snozzle Wobbleson are rare in the third series of American figures, however in the UK Series 5, they are ultra-rare.


  • Pops' figure is the only figure to look different from the Moshling's actual idle appearance in-game.
  • Furnando's figure is the rarest collectible figure in the series, as only 5001 were made. 
  • One-of-a-kind figures such as Emma and the solid gold I.G.G.Y have been awarded to competition winners.



Exclusive Figures

Normal Figures

Other Variants