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Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt is a self-insertive storybook following Mind Candy's format of personalised books.[note 1] Its writing is in rhyme accompanied by fully illustrated pages, similar to The Night Before Twistmas. A side task provided with the book is to spot hidden moshlings within the adventure, pointing back at Buster's Lost Moshlings: A Search-and-Find Book. The book also includes a poster featuring the cast and your Moshling character and trading cards featuring the cast and your own Moshling character.

You set off on and adventure with Buster Bumblechops in search of a Moshling Egg. Upon finding the egg, it hatches to reveal the Moshling (designed from what you provided Mind Candy) that is named after you or the name you gave the protagonist. The book costs £19.99 (+ £8 if Hardback) and is UK-exclusive at this time.

Due to the nature of the books needing to be created and ordered, it lacks regular book information, such as an ISBN number.



Mind Candy[1]
WHO’S IN THE EGG?! The Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt is a magical personalised storybook in which YOU are the star.

  • Discover a UNIQUE Moshling, named in YOUR honour.
  • Crammed with codes, hidden Moshlings and much more!
  • Join Buster Bumblechops and his Moshling helpers on an epic journey across the world of Moshi.

Moshibook Index[2]
"You" and Buster Bumblechops travel across the goopendous world of Moshi in search of a unique new Moshling!


You set off on an adventure with Buster Bumblechops in search of a Moshling Egg. Along the way, a crew of Moshlings Buster happens to know join you in your quest.

  1. Buster Bumblechops
  2. Chop Chop
  3. Shi Shi
  4. Honey
  5. Pooky
  6. Fumble
  7. Fishlips
  8. Uncle Scallops
  9. Cali
  10. Big Bad Bill
  11. Mr. Snoodle
  12. Rocky
  13. Nipper
  14. Tiki
  15. Mount Krakka Blowa
  16. Mr. Mushy Peas
  17. Octopeg
  18. Mavis
  19. Marooned Five
  20. Scamp
  21. Oddie
  22. Glumps
  23. Flumpy
  24. Prof. Purplex



Trading Cards

Unique lettering found on the front cover


Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt-0

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt-0

Notes and citations

  1. Petlandia is a brand entirely built on the concept of personalised books but for one's pet. Submitting a photograph and name of your pet would have it star in the storybook. The story is of course always the same.
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