Dustbin Beaver the Moptop Tweenybop is a former Moshling in Moshi Monsters.

Until November 21, 2013 you could get Dustbin Beaver by subscribing to the Moshi Monsters Magazine, after subscribing, a code arrived via email, everyone's code was different and can only be used once by one person. If someone used a Dustbin Beaver code then gave it to a friend, the code would not work for them.

Whilst Dustbin Beaver remains in the online game, they did not return for the app reboot Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt where Flitter took their spot in the Secrets. The exact reasoning is unknown, though Dustbin Beaver is a parody of a now irrelevant early personality for real-life Justin Bieber. In addition, issues with Lady GooGoo may have contributed towards the decision to discontinue Dustbin Beaver.


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Dustbin Beaver has become un-obtainable, due to Wuzzle taking his spot as the subscription gift for subscribing to the Moshi Monsters Magazine.


Living in a dustbin is pretty weird but this hair-obsessed heart-throb would be mobbed if he left the safety of his rubbishy pad. Not by screaming fans (or 'Beleavers') but by neighbours sick of Dustbin's high pitched warbling.


Dustbin was born in BrashCan Alley but usually hangs out with his Beleavers these days.



Licking bowls and blunt scissors.


Garbage day and homework.


  • He is parody of the real-life singer, Justin Bieber.
    • Additionally, his sound made upon interaction is similar to the start of Justin Bieber's song 'Baby'.
  • He shares his species with Zack Binspin.
  • In the poster of Dustbin Beaver, he appears to be much larger and has messy blond hair
  • Dustbin Beaver was one of the three Moshlings that did not appear in The Ultimate Moshlings Collector's Guide.
  • Despite Series 2 Figures being covered in Moshi Monsters Originals, Dustbin Beaver along with Lady GooGoo did not reappear in the figure series.