Dodgy Dealz
Dodgy Dealz is a shop on Sludge Street, spoofing Value Village. It opened on July 17, 2008. It is run by Sly Chance, a shady, tentacled dealer. He will buy any furniture and food that is unneeded. You drop your item into a chest. Sly Chance will buy it for 40% of what you bought it for, or you can click the "Take a Chance" card, in which he shows multiple cards, (each showing different percentages on them). Then he shuffles them and you have to pick one card.

Card Gamble

  • 10% - You win some, you lose some, this one you lose. Only 10 % back, so here's your # Rox.
  • 20% - Hey, 20% is better than 0%. Here's your # Rox.
  • 30% - Guess it wasn't worth it this time...for you that is. 30% isn't bad though, here's your # Rox.
  • 40% - Well, that's what I was going to give you anyways, so I guess we're even. Here's 40%, # Rox.
  • 50% - Ooh, so close, so close. But you scraped it. 50% for you, that's # Rox.
  • 60% - Maybe you can buy me something nice with the extra cash. 60% this time, that's # Rox.
  • 70% - I guess you've got the lucky knack. Take your 70%, I didn't want it anyway. That's # Rox.
  • 80% - Lucky break, that's double what I was going to give you. 80% back gives you...# Rox.
  • 90% - Gah! At least not 100%. Here's your # Rox, why not test your luck and try again?
  • 100% - Well, la de da, Mr. 100%. Luck was on your side this time. Take your # Rox and get outta here!

# is representative of how many rox is given back.

It is possible to dump code-exclusive or special items (such as Level Trophies) although you will only be given 0 or 1 rox in return.


Dodgy Dealz has a dirty floor and wooden walls with many random items hanging; red deer antlers, silverish-white curled antlers, drawings of a cat, some blue scribbles, an odd drawing of what looks like a Furi with three eyes, a drawing of shiny Rox, and a drawing of an odd creature smiling and running from an orange bush. The percentages are all the tens from 10% to 100%. The shop is also the home of Ratty, a three-eyed rat. It is currently the only place that allows you to sell items.