Dinky the Woeful Welliphant is an ultra rare Moshling in the Cuties set in Moshi Monsters. They are a baby elephant in welly boots. Dinky performs in a circus. They can easily become petrified of getting their feet wet.

Dinky did not see a release inside of the original online game. They instead made their obtainable debut in Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt where they can be obtained by daily egg hatching.




It's not easy being a Woeful Welliphant, but you'd be upset too if your mum made you wear titchy wellies. You see these doleful Moshlings are petrified of getting their tootsies wet, so they wear tiny boots that won't come off, even when they are performing their tightrope routines at the circus.



Toffee apples and cuddles.


Loose socks and low-flying aircraft.


  • Dinky's silhouette was first found via series 10 artwork.
  • Dinky's name and design were revealed in a Jellychat (now PopJam) image.
  • Dinky, along with Linton, are the only two Moshlings with known family members.
  • Dinky's species, Welliphant, is derived from "Welly" or "Wellington Boots", which he wears.
  • Dinky does tightrope walking when clicked on.
  • Dinky's set was revealed in Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt.
  • Dinky is a parody of the Jojo's Circus character of the same name and they also parody Dumbo.
  • Their dislike of low-flying aircraft is a reference to crop dusters and other low-flying aircraft harming elephants.





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