Diavlos are one of the six types of Monsters to adopt in Moshi Monsters.  Diavlo is the perfect pet for a fiery owner- hot, bubbly and always wanting some affection.


Diavlos have strong personalities and are very proud and cheerful. They like to shop and are very fond of their owners as well. When the owner tickles them a lot they start to roll on the floor, laughing and giggling. After a while they get annoyed and start to resist. They are one of the two monsters to float, the other ones are Luvlis. Whenever they level up, they do a special dance, which is the moonwalk. Diavlos jump and hop sometimes when they level up but they mostly moonwalk on the floor.

If the owner annoys a Diavlo a bit he turns to his side and shoves his arms out and makes a grunting noise. Some times they disappear from the screen when they get really annoyed, they tell their owner to go away and that they  don't like them any more. If the owner fed him a Scummi Bear back in early 2011, he would spit it out also stick his tongue out and go Arrrrghhh!


Diavlo is named after Diablo, meaning devil in Spanish. They are miniature active volcanos.


  • mmm-mmm-mmm! this is so goooooooooood! It makes me all toasty!

Notable Members


  • Diavlos and Luvlis are the only monsters that can fly. When they're mad or annoyed, they stand on their legs.
  • They speak Diavlian. A Diavlian accent are high and croaky.
  • When leveling up, Diavlos moonwalk using their legs and jump around. Disco music is heard in the background.
  • Annoyed Diavlos normally go on their legs and tap a watch on their left arm, constandly and a ticking/ clock noise will play.


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