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Diavlos are one of the six types of Monsters to adopt in Moshi Monsters.  Diavlo is the perfect pet for a fiery owner- hot, bubbly and always wanting some affection.


Diavlos have strong personalities and are very proud and cheerful. They like to shop and are very fond of their owners as well. When the owner tickles them a lot they start to roll on the floor, laughing and giggling. After a while they get annoyed and start to resist. They are one of the two monsters to float, the other ones are Luvlis. Whenever they level up, they do a special dance, which is the moonwalk. Diavlos jump and hop sometimes when they level up but they mostly moonwalk on the floor.

If the owner annoys a Diavlo a bit he turns to his side and shoves his arms out and makes a grunting noise. Some times they disappear from the screen when they get really annoyed, they tell their owner to go away and that they  don't like them any more. If the owner fed him a Scummi Bear back in early 2011, he would spit it out also stick his tongue out and go Arrrrghhh!


Diavlo Partay!

Diavlos are fantastically mischievous monsters with cratery heads full of sizzly-fizzly lava. Yow! Diavlos come in all different colors, and I have the dish on which colors are picked the most when they are adopted.

Looks like the traditional red and black combo is the most common, followed by blue and red, orange and red, pink and red, and black and blue. Looks like a LOT of folks like fiery red for their fiery Diavlos! Do YOU have any Diavlo friends who are these color combos? Comment on THIS blog and tell me who they are, and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize!



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Character Encyclopedia

Fzzzzz! Diavlo is one smokin' Moshi Monster. You Definitely don't want to get on the wrong side of these fiery little critters as they have very short tempers. They may be char-vellous fun and cheeky when they're happy, but bug these little devils at your own peril and wait for a monstrous eruption!
It's not hard to see why these little monster lose their tempers so easily. If your head was filled with sizzling lava like Diavlo's, then you'd also never be sure when you were about to boil over in a fiery explosion.
Diavlo vs. Katsuma
Diavlos need an outlet for all their explosive energy. A game of football with a karate-kicking Katsuma is just the ticket. Let's just hope there's no fouling, or things might really kick off!
Data File
Habitat: Monstro City (and anywhere in the Moshi world)
Catchphrases: "Sizzly-Fizzly!", "Smokin'!", "Fzzzztt!", "Char-vellous!"
Monter mates: Furi, Katsuma, Luvli, Poppet, Zommer

  • Crater head filled with lava
  • Little flappy wings
  • All Diavlos have a pointy tail.


Diavlo is named after Diablo, meaning devil in Spanish. They are miniature active volcanos.


A "*" indicates that the line can be said regardless of the Diavlo's Happiness Points.


  • Hellllooo!
  • Hi!
  • Hi! Aw glad you showed up, today's gonna be real sparky!
  • Woh-ho! Hey there, how're you doing?


  • Ah, another day in Monstro City, the greatest city any monster could hope to live in!
  • Are you a little devil like me?
  • Are you blanking me on purpose?*
  • BOO! Ha-ha! Made you look!
  • C'mon, can we play a game or something? C'MOOOOOONNNNN!!!
  • Can I suggest something? Just a little suggestion? Yeah? LET'S SHOP!!!
  • Can we redecorate? I could scorch everything, but let's decorate instead.
  • Can you sing 'Diavlos Are A Ghoul's Best Friend'?
  • Can you think of something fun we can do?
  • Do you ever get a crick in your neck, which you just can't get rid of? Man, that's irritating!
  • Don't panic... but it looks like you've gone out, there's no smoke coming from your head!
  • Don't you just love days like this?
  • Eh, maybe it'd be good to do something with the house, y'know? Change it round a bit?
  • Go on, keep tickling me, I won't fall over.
  • Great lava lumps! My tail's covered in hot ash!
  • Hae you ever wondered why clouds look like big fluffy fangswagglers?
  • Hee...that tickles...stop that...he-agghhh haha!
  • Hee... that tickles. Hee-hee... aagh, stop it! Hah!
  • Heh, come on now, that tickles...
  • Heh, hey, I'm feeling mighty fine today!
  • Hehe, no no, don't tickle me...
  • Hehe, nono, don't tickle me!
  • Hey, hey, I'm feeling mighty fine today!
  • Hey, what should we do now?
  • I find this time of day the most restful. A moment to stop and think about life, y'know?
  • I know, I know, it's hot - I can't help it.
  • I might be a hot head but at least I look ultra snazzy!
  • I need to learn to read quicker - when I get to an exciting bit, the page catches fire!
  • I never need a rain coat, coz rain evaporates before it gets too close. Though, It does make showers difficult...
  • I should get more exercise. I feel like a run. Maybe I'll go running. Later. Maybe later. Maybe.
  • I sometimes get wing-cramp. That's painful. I can't see your wings, are they being cleaned?
  • I'm feeling great today!
  • I'm in a fiery mood!
  • I'm not ticklish at all...honest...heheheh...WAGHAHAHAHA!
  • I've got real burning desire to buy new stuff...
  • It's been a while since we went shopping. Those rox are burning a hole in my pocket!
  • It's good to be the monster!
  • Man, y'know? I mean, like, y'know? And it's, really, all the time, it's really y'know?
  • Maybe I need more shelves in here. Maybe I've got too many shelves. Oh, I don't know!
  • Maybe I should get a make-over? Hmmm... no, on second thoughts, I look great!
  • Mitts off! This monster's not in the mood!*
  • My foot hurts. Not pins and needles hurts, it just hurts.
  • My teeth itch!
  • Now you're really bugging me!*
  • Put it like this, you can either re-decorate... or things might get a little... toasty?
  • Redecorating this place might be the only thing that can stop me from exploding!
  • Should we put some magma fizzbangs in some silly Zommer's soup?
  • That's not helping. Really, really, really not helping.*
  • That's weird, my mouth tastes like cardboard. Don't think I've eaten any. Not since Friday.
  • The weather's been great today - I think this is my favorite kind of weather.
  • This is pretty cool, really. I mean, look around - doesn't this place look great?
  • Tickling! It makes everyone sparky and scorchy and great!
  • Ugh, my tongue tastes of fireplace. Do you ever get that? It's like BBQ but more coal-ier.
  • We should play. I wanna play. Don't make me blow my top... play with me, please!
  • Well now I'm bored. You should entertain me. Or else...
  • What's that behind you?! Right there? Oh, it's gone now.
  • What's your house like? I don't suppose burn marks would go down so well there...
  • Why shake hands when you can tickle, I always say.
  • Woo! I'm feeling reaaaaally good today!
  • Woooh! This is making me dizzy!
  • You know if you chew your elbow for long enough, it goes green? Honestly, try it. Hehe.
  • You're better off not tickling tickles...stop itahahahahha!
  • You're looking at perhaps the happiest monster in all of Monstro City!
  • You're trying to tickle me, I know, c'mon, stop it.
  • Yum-tum tiddle-dum, deedle-dee... wibble-wobble tumpty tum, deedle-deedle dee...


  • Ah, come on, this isn't fun.
  • Are you blanking me on purpose?*
  • Do you do this to all of your friends? I thought you liked me!
  • Hello-o? What am I, invisible?
  • Hey, stop... remember, I'm a monster, not your toy.
  • I think you're doing that just to get on my nerves. Knock it off.
  • Mitts off! This monster's not in the mood!*
  • Not coming. Don't want to.
  • Now you're really bugging me!*
  • Stop fooling around.
  • That's not helping. Really, really, really not helping.*
  • This isn't fun for me, you know.
  • What have you done for me lately?
  • You know it's mean to bother people like this?
  • You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!

After Eating

  • Eeew! I'd rather eat a stale sock!
  • Mm not bad, but gimme something a bit more nutritious!
  • Mmm-mmm-mmm! this is so goooooooooood! It makes me all toasty!
  • Num num num, okay now something healthy!
  • Ooh yeah, scrum-diddly-umptious!

Notable Members


  • Diavlos and Luvlis are the only monsters that can fly. When they're mad or annoyed, they stand on their legs.
  • They speak Diavlian. A Diavlian accent are high and croaky.
  • When leveling up, Diavlos moonwalk using their legs and jump around. Disco music is heard in the background.
  • Annoyed Diavlos normally go on their legs and tap a watch on their left arm, constandly and a ticking/ clock noise will play.


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