List of D.I.Y. Shop wares

D.I.Y. Shop

The D.I.Y. Shop is a shop, selling D.I.Y. items, located in Sludge Street in Moshi Monsters.

It has various wallpapers, doors, windows and floors with numerous different designs. The current owner, Dewy is a red, fuzzy monster who enjoys messiness and creativity. The D.I.Y. shop is known for its handy objects, stunning wallpaper, crazy doors and wacky flooring.


The D.I.Y. Shop is located in Sludge Street next to the well known, Horrods. It's situated downhill, next to the rushing river and the Moshi Fun Park.


  • D.I.Y. items
  • Windows and doors
  • Wallpapers and floors
  • Building blocks (Only sold here)
  • Gloop items (Only sold here)
  • Furniture and decorations


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