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Cirque Du Moshi, formerly Cirque Du BonBon, also referred to as the Fun Fair, is a circus in Moshi Monsters, located on Music Island. Here, players can buy expensive items from the Super Moshi Missions in Super Moshi Merch! and win Rox in Quack Attack.

As of 4/10/12, it is the Cirque Du Moshi, which replaced the Cirque Du BonBon as Candy the Clown is long gone. The acts involved in the circus were Pocito, Zoshlingo and the Clumps.


  • Cirque Du BonBon/Moshi is a pun on Cirque Du Soleil.
  • The Clumps, an act in the circus, have a name that is a portmanteau of the words "clown" and "Glumps".
  • Cirque Du Moshi was first confirmed in the Moshi Monsters Magazine.
  • Cirque Du Moshi opened on the April 10th 2013 along with Baz Barnacle's shop in Bleurgh Beach
  • Super Moshis visit here in the mission Big Top Ballyhoo.
  • Loomy's bio states that their species are sometimes spotted in bags at Cirque Du Moshi. This is a reference to goldfish in bags being common prizes at circuses and fairs which suggests angler fish (Loomy's basis for design) are the Moshi alternative for goldfish as pets.
  • Both Pocito's as Candy the Clown's caravan are designed after the vardo [1]. The circus and the Romani people are associated due to their traveling.


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