Chomper is a minor character in Moshi Monsters. He is one of the blue cows on Sludge Street, alongside Stomper. Clicking on the two cows 50 times will earn you the badge "Milk Shake". 


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Note: This is also shared by Stomper. There is also a huge error in this entry, since Chomper is referred to as Little Stomper, whereas Stomper himself Chomper. Thus, it should be Little Chomper, not Little Stomper.

This chomping pair is often spotted grazing on patches of grass around Monstro City. Chomper and Stomper roam far and wide over the fields and parks, munching their way through hundreds of tonnes of grass each day. The City is proud of its turf-trimming team because they keep on mowing the grass until ... well, until the cows come home!
Home sweet home
At the end of each day, these MOO-pendous munchers retire to their cosy barn on Sludge Street, to rest their aching jaws and throbbing hooves.
Chomper and Stomper used to graze exclusively for a local farmer. When monsters began to get lost in the overgrown grass all over the City, the farmer gave this dynamic duo their freedom, realising that their powerful chewing skills and monstrous appetites could solve the problem.
Data file
Location: Meadows, parks and fields
Job: Moving the grass
Likes: Grass, of course!
Dislikes: Dairy products.

  • Chomper proudly sports two large pink horns.
  • This spotty pair are easily spotted!
  • Little Stomper can gobble down just as much as Chomper.


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Chomper is often spotted grazing on patches of grass around Monstro City. Chomper roams far and wide over the fields and parks, munching his way through hundreds of tons of grass each day.


  • He is the smaller of the pair but, as noted by his Character Encyclopedia biography, can eat just as much. Such also shows a size scale, with him being dwarfed in comparison to Stomper. Notes also detail at this, with his horns being less developed and curved, whereas Chompers are fully developed and crescent-shaped, a postlude of horn growth in cows.
  • Chomper lacks a figure but his counterpart, on the other hand, has one. This was likely due to variation concerns, however; the two would look nearly identical in production since figures have to have similar proportions.
  • In the Character Encyclopedia, he is mistakenly labelled as Stomper and Stomper him.



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