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Charmlings, also known as the Charmlings and Bracelet sets, are jewellery merchandise featuring collectible Moshling charms, manufactured by Big Fun.

The blindbag foil packs contained one bracelet and two Charmlings. The later introduced 3PK packs contained three Charmlings and no bracelet. The Charmling blister packs contained one bracelet and three Charmlings. The Keychain blister packs contained one Charmling. Charm Bracelet Bumper Packs contained two bands, four Charmlings and three series 2 Zippsters.

The packaging and display was designed by Basic Fun art director NiTRoBoY !

Moshi Monsters Charm Bracelets Advert

Moshi Monsters Charm Bracelets Advert


Basic Fun

Charmlings w/ Bracelet - Collect all 12 Charmlings! Each packet contains 2 charmlings and 1 bracelet. Clip onto bracelet and show off you favorite Moshlings.
Moshi Monsters Charmling Series 1 item: 1765 [1]
Go to Checklist [2] to download your Moshling Collector’s Chart!


Moshi Monsters range from re:creation also features the adorable charmling bracelet. The bracelet itself is made from durable silicon material can accommodate up to 12 exclusive Moshiling charms. The bracelets are available in a variety of colours, each pack includes a bracelet and 2 Moshling charms in a blind foil bad, perfect to start any collection! There are 12 different Moshlings to collect in series 1.
In addition to collecting the fantastic moshlings, the Zippsters also fit to the Moshi Charm Bracelet so collectors can just keep on adding to their collection! [3]

From the success of the Moshi Monsters Charmling Band was born the 3PK, which includes 3 individual moshling charms so that an avid collector can continue to grow their collection of Charmlings. The adorable Moshi Charmlings are configured in a blind foil pack of 3. There are 12 moshlings per series to collect. SRP: £3.49 [4]

Toy Fair 2012 Basic Fun
Basic Fun Charms with Moshi Monsters

Basic Fun introduces new products for Moshi Monsters. Moshi Monsters accessories include key chains, zippsters, and charmlings. Zippsters are 3-D mini figures that come blindboxed and attach to a backpack or jacket with 11 in a set. Charmlings are enameled charms that come in a variety of 12 Moshling characters, and attach to a specially designed Moshi gel bracelet. Packaged in a blind foil bag, each includes two Charmling charms and a bracelet.

— The Toy Book, Vol. 28, No. 1 [5]
Basic Fun Charmlings series 1
Series 1
Basic Fun Charmlings series 2
Series 2



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