My rotten crew started fighting over our new Jelly Roger flag. They tore it into pieces!

Don't worry. I'll make 'em swab the decks for a hundred years to make up for it! Ha ha haaarrrrr!


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As the Gooey Galleon's spooky skipper, Captain Codswallop doesn't let a teeny thing like being dead stop him from barking orders. If only he hadn't been so greedy, looting booty on Hong Bong Island, he wouldn't be stranded in the first place. But that's what happens when you're smitten with a paw wavin' kitten who just so happens to be cursed!
The Gooey Galleon
Although the Galleon is rarely seen, curious critter Gail Whale has reported several sightings of the ship and its gooey crew out on the Seventy Seas. Eerie Codswallop can often be seen haunting its private quarters.
Gross ghost!
Eurgh! Grab a peg for your nose because Captain Codswallop is infamous for his terrible odour. Pirate legends tell of his fuzzy facial fur as the source of the disgusting stench. Some believe that his beard is made from enchanted seaweed, while others think it's actually rotten cabbage stuck on with fish paste. Yuck!
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  • Rusty old earring
  • The ghostly equivalent of skull and crossbones
  • Monacle stolen from a one-eyed sea monster


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Captain of the Gooey Galleon, this crazy buccaneer was once the scourge of the Seventy Seas. Some say his facial fuzz is made from enchanted seaweed, others say it's rotten cabbage stuck on with fish paste. Either way, it stinks. Aaaaarrrrr!

The Daily Growl

The Daily Growl: Best known for: Facial Fuzz. Some say it's made of enchanted seaweed, other say it's rotten cabbage stuck on with fishy paste!

Personality & Habits

The first mention of the Captain is through Jaunty Jack who mentions to be called by his Captain, while not seen or heard.

When meeting the Captain for the first time, he will not let you leave without having supplied him with a full course meal, which so happens to be lying around in his cabin on random places. He does not ask nor care about your reason of being here, even if Jaunty Jack would have likely told him.


Captain Codswallop is an aqua-blue ghost who features a sizably voluminous beard, a pirate hat, fingered gloves, a monocle, an earring and a belt.
In his cabin, you can find his skeleton. His remains wear a slightly differently-designed captain's hat, a red coat, diving boots with pink socks and is equipped with a blue ukulele.


  • When McScruff switched everyone's hat around, Codswallop got very upset as he can't really cope being without his captain's hat.
    • His skeleton has a spare captain's hat but it is of a slightly different design.
  • Codswallop can apparently still "feel" through his skeleton, as he didn't want to give you his boots in The Curse of the Paw Wavin Kitten out of fear for cold feet.
  • As he has no fingers anymore, his gloves do not really serve a purpose and just sit there. However, when he holds the treasure map in The Secret Treasure of Potion Ocean right before it gets snatched, he has his glove fingers bend, showing he still has some sort of grip.


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