The Candy Cane Caves are a location in Monstro City. It was first accessible in Candy Catastrophe and was afterwards opened for the public meaning that anyone can access it through the map.

The only ever-present characters are Roarkers, and the two notable features include a mine (hence the Roarkers), and Moshi Cupcakes, a game in which you can bake and decorate cupcakes. Monsters in the area often make quotes about food and sweets.

The Candy Cane Caves are featured in Moshi Monsters: The Movie, the monsters (except for Zommer) fall down a candy cane slide and land in a machine, which covers them in candy molds. Diavlo melts his mould and frees the others by pushing them into the three carts next to them, he pushes the carts and they try to escape.


  • Man, this place is SWEEEEEET.
  • Bubbling wobble-ade streams. Mmmm TANGY!
  • If I was a candy, what flavour would I be? Hmmm...
  • Liquorice is my favourite candy.
  • Why was Mrs Cookie so sad? Because she was feeling crumby!
  • Just being in here makes me hungry.
  • I'm sure I just heard a rumbling noise...
  • Hmm, if I was a candy what flavour would I be?
  • Member This Mine is the lowest point in all of Monstro City.
  • Member Look at those sherbet walls. Totally Slurpable!
  • Member Watch out for marshmallow stalagmites. They're pretty sticky!
  • Member Did you check out those sticky toffee stalactites? Yummy!
  • Member Chocolate, chocolate, show me the CHOCOLATE!!!
  • Member This place kinda makes my teeth ache!


  • In a Daily Growl post, the caves were referred to as the "Candy Cane Caverns". Note that the location was then inaccessible, however.



Moshi Monsters: The Movie

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