SILENCE STRANGEGLOVE!!! You're lucky to even be here! But at least you will witness my greatest triumph...the destruction of the entire Moshi World!
The C.L.O.N.C. Leader is the mysterious head of C.L.O.N.C..


Super Moshi Missions: Season 1

Hang on, this is not what I signed up for...Monstro City will be destroyed?!? And everyone in it?!?
— Simon Growl
Exactly! Come come, Mr Growl, what were you expecting?
— CLONC Leader

Super Moshi Missions: Season 2

Big Top Ballyhoo
Candy the Clown contacts him, revealing their true identity to viewer only. Leader is pleased the plans go well.
Season 2 Mission 9: Missing On A Star
After rescuing the Zoshlings, he tells Dr. Strangeglove to shut up and hits the button
Cosmic Countdown
The Zoshlings and you walk into him when he is scolding Dr. Strangeglove for having failed him too many times and not being worthy of the CLONC name anymore. Upon noticing you he orders Strangeglove to capture you, but Strangeglove left, much to leader's frustration. After a malfunction of his chair, Leader takes his leave as you have yet to figure out how to stop the weapon.

Personality & Habits

CLONC Leader is a bit of a ham. Whatever they do must be big and devastating as they speak with a booming voice and smashes buttons and tables to regain attention. Technology often fails them.

They have a friendly relationship with Dr. Strangeglove, even after saying Dr. Strangeglove is out of the group, probably because Strangeglove was a founding member of the organisation.


Only a yellow (dishwashing) glove with a wooden stick shoved in is visible while the rest of them is blocked by the back of their chair, leaving the viewer with only that and their booming voice. Whatever form or size they would have -as the visible hand may be an enhancement instead of a limb- remains undisclosed.

Their appearance seems to be a parody of Dr. Claw from the Inspector Gadget series, who is also always blocked from view with his chair, only showing his arm to emote.


  • They are referred to with he pronouns on page 12 of 100% Moshi Karts, implying that an actual role for them was established. However, this might have just been a mistake by the author.