Bushy Fandango is an adventurer-explorer and the shop-keeping owner of the Bizarre Bazaar on Main Street

Bushy regularly hosts the "Real Life" segment of the Moshi Monsters Magazine, demonstrating her enthusiasm to learn about outstanding and abnormal real life things. When Bushy is not working at the Bizarre Bazaar, she is an adventurer and scientist. Bushy is shown to be a keen explorer and brings items back from her exploring to sell in her shop. The items she brings back are often very strange such as the Shark Bowl, Cuddly Humans, and Wall Bats, showing again that Bushy has a passion for abnormal things.

In the comic "Beneath the Ice-cano!" Bushy adventures to the Ice-cano of Yappalatia with two Musky Huskies in the hopes of finding the Abominable Furi (this is presumably the first time due to the Moshipedia entry claiming that they occasionally meet).

Her huskies can communicate to her and contradict what she says. She is presented as determined and excited during the mission but shows fear upon meeting the Abominable Furi. The Furi gives her tickets to his waterpark and the comic ends with Bushy and her huskies enjoying the waterpark.


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Looking for some Wall Bats for your crib? Or a bottle of Garbage Day Perfume for your latest monstery crush? Then come on down to Bushy Fandango's Bizarre Bazaar. This eccentric, adventure-seeking monster runs an Aladdin's cave of a shop, full of wonderful treasures from her travels to faraway lands.
Holiday heaven
Forget roasting your fur on Bleurgh Beach! Bushy's favourite holiday destination is up in the freezing Yappalation Mountains.
Journey to the back of beyond
Bushy has a monstrous thirst of exploration. When she is not working in her gloopendous shop, she grabs a rucksack, fills it with Chocolate Coated Broccoli, prepares her trusty team of White Fang puppies and sets out on an adventure.
Data file
Location: Bizarre Bazaar, Main Street
Job: Owner of Bizarre Bazaar
Likes: Mountain trekking, treasure hunting

  • Bushy keeps her blue fur-do bushy to match her name.
  • Splat-tastic! Watch out for this anti-theft device if you try to steal something from Bushy's shop!


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Bushy Fandango vacations in the sub-zero temperatures of the Yappalation Mountains. Guided by her team of trusty Musky Husky puppies, she explores the snowy wilds, occasionally encountering an Abominable Furi and bringing treasures back to the Bizarre Bazaar.


Bushy is a sky-blue monster with fuzzy fur. She has elf-like ears and a pencil behind her ear. In addition to this, she wears a laboratory coat and glasses similar to those of Waldo's. Within other media her lips are much more defined.


Date Area Event
November 9, 2007 (beta) Moshi Monsters' YouTube channel[1] Bushy is found in her shop whilst the online tour deviates to her business, demonstrating Rox's usage. Interestingly, the Magic Mirror is sold at her shop in this video, even though it is currently sold at Horrods.
January 15, 2008 (beta) The Daily Growl[2] Brief mention of Bushy's shop. Miss Pinky states that she saves her Rox for fun stuff in Yukea and Bizarre Bazaar.
April 16, 2008 Bizarre Bazaar Moshi Monsters leaves beta phases and opens the game to the public. The Bizarre Bazaar is revealed to the public.[3]
August 16, 2010 The Daily Growl[4] Roary talks about the new Optical Illusion wallpapers sold at Bizarre Bazaar. It was stated that, for three days only, she would sell them at a discounted price.
November 19, 2010 Series 1 Mash Up Has a card
2011 Pick Your Path 2: Moshling Mayhem[5] Features in the book, and tells us that she is an expert in the field of Moshlings and an explorer.
April 1, 2011 The Daily Growl[6] Roary talks about the Ultimate Treasure! item, sold at Bizarre Bazaar, on Happy Pranksgiving (April Fools Day).
November 19, 2011 Mega Bloks Her shop has a playset that comes with her own exclusive figurine.
2012 Pick Your Path 4: Secret Stowaway[7] Has a major role. In it, you are on one of her item-collecting expeditions.
September 4, 2012 The Daily Growl[8] Features Bushy and a puzzle involving a Shark Bowl shipment.
September 9, 2012 The Daily Growl[9] Features in a puzzle, with the goal being to find which Bowler Ball her path leads to. Also tells us that no one knows where they came from, hence why they're sold at Bizarre Bazaar (rare and exotic items are the primary focus here, all collected by Fandango herself).
2013 Read It Yourself: Poppet Stows Away Depicts a route of the earlier Secret Stowaway book, in which Bushy has a bigger role.
August 1, 2013 Official Annual 2014 Makes a minor cameo as one of the postcard senders to Captain Buck E. Barnacle.
December 20, 2013 Moshi Monsters: The Movie Makes a background appearance
April 24, 2014 The Daily Growl[10] Features a puzzle that involves Rox
January 16, 2016 The Daily Growl[11] Makes a cameo in an Extreme Closeup! puzzle.



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