Egg Hunt Bumbletron

The Bumbletron 9000 Deluxe is a device used by Buster Bumblechops to hatch Super Moshling Eggs. It appears to be located within the Moshling Sanctuary where the events of Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt take place. The Bumbletron needs a golden spoon in order to hatch a Super Moshling Egg, and as Buster states in Egg Hunt, his great uncle Snufflepeeps owned golden spoons. This implies that if the spoon's primary purpose is for the Bumbletron, the Bumbletron may be a very old machine which implies that Super Moshlings are ancient Moshlings. This is further supported with the Super Moshling Eggs being fossilised before the Bumbletron takes care of them.


  • Mystery Box intro letter back
    The Bumbletron 9000 Deluxe was hinted on the back of the introductory letter to the Egg Hunt Mystery Box series, noting that buster had to finish building the contraption. Buster states in said letter that he has to 'finish building' the Bumbletron, but as it is the '9000 Deluxe', it may simply be an upgrade to the existing Bumbletron.
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