Build-A-Rainbow is a set consisting of individual coloured arcs obtained through Secret Codes. This set was released to commemorate Moshi Monsters a month before the PC game shuts down.


  • Red rules!
  • Orange you glad you got this layer?
  • Yippee for yellow!
  • Goopendous green!
  • Bodacious blue!
  • Infinite indigo!
Name Code
Build-A-Rainbow - Red 2019REDRAINBOW
Build-A-Rainbow - Orange 2019ORANRAINBOW
Build-A-Rainbow - Yellow 2019YELLRAINBOW
Build-A-Rainbow - Green 2019GRERAINBOW
Build-A-Rainbow - Blue 2019BLUERAINBOW
Build-A-Rainbow - Indigo 2019INDRAINBOW
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