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Bubba the Bouncer is the bouncer of the Underground Disco, hence the name: Bubba the Bouncer.

Bubba is in charge of security at the Underground Disco and is also Baby Rox's bodyguard (formerly Lady Goo Goo's).

In Issue 6 of the UK Moshi Monsters Magazine, it was revealed that his tattoos are fake and his 'tattoo' artist is Art Lee - his best friend. The reason for this is because he's afraid of needles. His favourite tattoo is one of Purdy. However, he quickly changes that statement to another tattoo of a skull, because 'he's super tough'.


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Bubba is a monster of many talents. This big guy is terror-rifically tough by night, as the bouncer of The Underground Disco, Monstro City's trendiest club. But by day, bubba is a gentle genius, tattooing his creative works of art onto the bodies of the City's more daring furless monsters.
Disco Diva
Hulking Bubba is surprisingly light on his feet. He practises his moves at home with his Dance Dance Roarvolution machine.
Great big show-off
Bubba is a truly Moshi-tabulous artist - both in the tattoo parlour and on the dance floor. The monsters of Moshi City already love his original tattoo designs, but Bubba hopes to wow them with his disco shapes at the next big dance-off at the Disco.
Data file
Location: The Underground Disco
Job: Tattoo artist and nightclub bouncer
Likes: Red ink, beefy biceps, rocking dance routines

  • Bubba's bared teeth make him look scary, but he's actually a gentle giant.
  • As a bouncer, Bubba always has to dress to impress.
  • Bubba's muscly arms are covered in tattoos that he designed himself.


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Bubba is a prominent tattoo artist and nightclub bouncer. He works at the Underground Disco and practices his moves at home on his Dance, Dance, Roarvolution machine. He hopes to show off his style in an upcoming dance off, if he ever gets a day off.





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