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OctonautsBiggestBiggestFan OctonautsBiggestBiggestFan 12 December 2020

My Moshi Monsters Blog!

My name is Markus! My favorite Moshling is Honey. Welcome to my first blog ever made!

Missions I like:

Strangeglove from Above

And others.

Favorite Monster:


Favorite MM Character:

Roary Scrawl

Moshi Monsters Anime is a show I like in the fan-made universe. Link to it: [1]

I have the Flumpy figure, but what about getting the others?

That's all I can talk about on the first post.

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MarkusRost MarkusRost 19 August 2020

Wiki Manager

Hi, I'm the new Fandom Wiki Manager assigned to the Moshi Monsters Wiki.

I'll work as your contact to Fandom staff for wiki related issues. If you need help or have other questions, feel free to contact me.

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SweetiePieKids02 SweetiePieKids02 15 July 2020

Update Egg Hunt

They need to update Egg Hunt with the Musos and Fruities as well as a Super Fruity and a Super Muso.

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SnoeLeopard SnoeLeopard 24 May 2020


Hewo :3

I've got some Moshi Monsters merch, like books, figures, etc. and I'm currently trying to find them lol

I have some books and found (most of) my moshling figures, while some of the others are scattered around my house. If any information is needed on some pages (like for example, I have the Moshling Zoo Guide book, and I can fill in the Moshling Zoo Guide section in biographies for a moshling page.), please let me know and I can do it! :)

This message is mainly directed towards the current admins :3

Tyyy! :3

Snøe ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ (✧ talk ₊˚) 11:54, May 24, 2020 (UTC)

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SnoeLeopard SnoeLeopard 24 May 2020

Wiki Design

Is it just me or did the wiki change slightly?

Like the wiki's logo and the background, and maybe even the colours?

It's v interesting :3

Edit: Yep, can confirm that it changed owo

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Egghunter20 Egghunter20 25 April 2020

moshi codes

hi all! hope u are all coping at this difficult time and staying healthy! i will be updating daily and making lots of interesting blogs to keep u entertained

the reason i  am creating my first blog today is to make sure u guys r alright and to reassure u that we will get through this!

we will beat this virus if we stay home!

let me know in the comments what u have been doing to keep urself entertained!!!

stay safe stay well stay home! xx thankyou nhs!!! :3

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Glittermoonbeam Glittermoonbeam 7 June 2019

I keep getting blocked and unblocked

VSTF keeps blocking and unblocking me from editing any Fandom Wiki because of "Global Vandalising". I've only edited in the Moshi Monsters Wiki and adding relevant images. I got blocked after adding images to the Poppet (brand) page and then blocked again after adding scanned card images into the Moshi Monsters Top Trumps page. Is this an error by VSTF or a glitch from my laptop?? I'm not sure what's going on or why it's happening. If you know what's going on, please tell me. I'm so confused.

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Yummy Marsh Yummy Marsh 2 June 2019

Moshi Monster Discord Server!

Wa-Lah! A Moshi Monster Discord has finally been created! Join to share goopendous Moshi Monster content and speak about all things Moshi! What are you waiting for? Let's keep this community alive!

Discord server link:

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Eternal-Rabbit Eternal-Rabbit 7 March 2019

Code Giveaway!

Hi everyone,

I've got a tonne of codes from figure packs that I don't need, as I've got all the items from this series, so I thought I'd give them away to you all, all you need to do is visit my room, rate me 5 stars and give me a reason why you'd like a code.

Thanks everyone!

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Glittermoonbeam Glittermoonbeam 30 January 2019

Secret Codes website I found. (we can add more into the Wiki!)

Almost all of these codes still work. The website link is down below and has more codes to add to this Wiki. This website also has categories for different types of things you can earn from the codes. If I do get time making more tables, I will need help adding the images in because I don't exactly know how to insert them into the tables. 

I made two new accounts in Moshi Monsters to test out which codes work and which don't. Contact my Wiki account (possibly in the comments here) if you want to know which furniture/item/clothing codes are expired.  

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Glittermoonbeam Glittermoonbeam 29 January 2019

I have the Character Encyclopedia book

I've been adding the biographies for all the moshlings and characters from the Character Encyclopedia book but some moshling articles are locked. Moshlings like HipHop don't allow me to edit the pages when it needs the biography. If you can open unlock them, that would be a great help! ^w^ 

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Ajzkid Ajzkid 16 December 2018

honest names


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Foxyboy550 Foxyboy550 10 December 2018

Happy Xmas

Hi people, a quick little note to say Happy Xmas. I dont come on much anymore but for those of u that do I just wanted to say it. Also its nearly been 4 years since my "THE REAL EGGS" ban so I kinda wanted to make up for those times. =P have fun and if u want to delete this page its fine, I forgot how to make a post lmao =P

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Ajzkid Ajzkid 9 December 2018

egg hunt queston

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Amy0501 Amy0501 17 September 2018

Design A Super Moshling My Entry

Super Moshling From The Set Sparklies

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PepperSupreme PepperSupreme 27 April 2018

How To Double Glitch in Egg Hunt

Hello everyone, time for some glitchin´!

So we found out a lil' glitch that causes Moshlings in your room be multiplied. It is likely tied to the glitch that makes singular Moshlings appear as being owned several in your room zoo. Now, you want to ruin your game but not with permanent damage? Just cause you're bored? We got the thing for you!

  • 1 Step 1
  • 2 Step 2
  • 3 Step 3
  • 4 Step 4
  • 5 Step 5
  • 6 You Wish! No More Stepping

Go to your house. Have 3 Moshlings in a room and pick one of which you only have one specimen in your zoo.[1]

Go to the map and then to the main zoo. There, you click your picked specimen.[2]

Favourite the specimen BUT CLICK AWAY THE POP UP UNDER IT! Click the heart, nothing happens, just leave the zoo to go to your house again.[3]

Now you "main" …

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Pokedude023 Pokedude023 15 June 2017


To whom this may concern

I do believe the "Main" Moshi Monsters is Dead,

I joined this wikia around 2 years ago, I had fun here but left shortly after to achieve things in collage. Currently I'm working at a Help Desk in Nintendo and living in a small house in Seattle. I'm currently 22 years old, you may know me as PokeDude023 but I'm Harry.

So this note goes out to who ever is still here on this wiki, the reason? I'm planning a meet-up for one last time.

The Time I've planned is:

UK&IRL: 19:00-20:00

US: 13:00-14:00

(Please Notice me about your own time zone)

Shortly of Notice,



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UsernamesAreUselessJunk UsernamesAreUselessJunk 5 May 2017

Can anyone do me a favor

Find me all the shelves in Moshi Monsters and give me a link to each of the pages. I need some for my trophy room

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UsernamesAreUselessJunk UsernamesAreUselessJunk 4 May 2017

how did you find out about all those new moshlings?


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UsernamesAreUselessJunk UsernamesAreUselessJunk 29 April 2017


anyone know why i didn't receive the friendship trophy when i invited a friend and he joined?

UsernamesAreUselessJunk (talk) 05:32, April 29, 2017 (UTC)Fuzuki2005

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UsernamesAreUselessJunk UsernamesAreUselessJunk 24 April 2017

Hey guys!


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Dragonleaf5678 Dragonleaf5678 5 February 2017



Sorry for being inactive lately. In my year, we have final exams super early, and I've been studying and studying and studying these past few weeks. They're drawing to a close now, though, so I should be active again. Sorry for not addressing this earlier, I forgot, if I'm totally honest. Anywho, I'll try my hardest to get back in the swing of things back over here. Thanks!

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Mayhemo Mayhemo 21 December 2016

about the hiatus thing

cant see myself returning to this wiki, at least for some time.

if youd like to talk to me, im on tumblr (cattailpvz) and deviantart (moeclere). you can also ask for my discord

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PepperSupreme PepperSupreme 18 November 2016

Work To Be Done

A list of things we must do content wise. Unfinished as of yet.

Rox are a method of currency, grows on trees, valued for their power as energy sources and magical capabilities. I need someone to list and talk about the use of Rox throughout the fiction.

We need a better more general article on Moshling Eggs. It should contain the following.

  1. Season 1: Mission 1: The Missing Moshling Egg. Incubation methods. What happened to the egg and what it was used for. (especially interesting in relation to lore of the movie)
  2. The presence of eggs in Moshi Monsters as shown on the current page.
  3. All eggs and egg designs in the DS games. Eggs are design after Moshlings so....
  4. The Great Moshling Egg
  5. How the fiction of Poppet Magazinge handled Moshling Eggs; The I…

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Mariojoe11 Mariojoe11 8 October 2016

Make us a theme for the Wiki!

Hey there!!

As you know, I recently added a Zoshling theme to the Wiki. This is part of a bigger plan, to have more themes on standby that we can rotate upon once in a while when the current theme gets stale. 

I figured it may be fun to let others pitch in though. Wanna design a theme? Comment below if you wanna do any of the ones listed here, or comment if you have any other theme ideas! Make sure the theme has the following, and upload them here.

  • A background
  • A wordmark 
  • Chat commands (enterance, exit etc) 

Theme ideas

  • Moshling Rescue!
  • Moshi Karts
  • Poppet 
  • Jungle (with hoodoos) 

Thanks a bunch!

Carter is my son Talk Blog

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Whitingjack Whitingjack 1 October 2016

Dun Dun Doo


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Mayhemo Mayhemo 4 September 2016

Hiatus/Leaving for a short time

Hi um



so like. im going on a small hiatus. or leaving temporarily. idk how to describe it

i know that in the past ive been gone for months but thats just bc i forget to check on the wiki. ive actually been trying to work in this wiki, but with my lack of knowledge with moshi monsters (and the fact that its near impossible to find typos to fix so im really not doing good with this grammar police thing) its been pretty hard

so like. uh. um

im kinda leaving for now

aka i dont really want to interact with this wiki for some time

its giving me too much stress. besides my mental state isnt really the greatest right now so its just making things worse, especially because in this wiki im surrounded by people who are older than me (im afraid of the…

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Wiki bots and editing nonsense

Our wiki has two editing bots, User:NipperBot (operated by User:Abce2) and User:RossBot (operated by myself). The purpose of bots are mainly to mass-edit very quickly and perform basic tasks, in great consistency. They perform a mixture of admin edits and basic edits and thus why they are considered admins on Special:ListUsers/sysop

I know some of the people with rights here have user bot-functions such as MassRename, BatchDelete, MassCategorisation etc. - these are fine, we ain't gonna talk about those today. 

Because we have bots we'd appreciate users to put content first as to improve our wiki we need to actually add content. Mistakes can always be fixed at a later date or with the bot - content editors are hard to find nowadays! The idea …

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Dragonleaf5678 Dragonleaf5678 7 August 2016

Something minor that will help me out a lot

Hi everyone,

I just thought I'd make a quick request for you to screenshot how my userpage (User:Dragonleaf5678) looks for you; it might not appear too optimal on all devices and monitor sizes, see. On my screen, it looks great, but it might not for you, since all the padding and margin (CSS properties which move things around, basically) will make the screen look different, due to different pagewidths making things more left or right than they are for moi. Thanks, and if you're willing to help me out, your comment only needs to be composed of a screenshot, feel free to link it, too. This is so that I can make my userpage look good on all devices. Thanks! --Dragonleaf tc 22:20, August 7, 2016 (UTC)

Here's how it looks for me

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Elder Furi

I like Elder furi because he is wise and very powerful.

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Pocketworldclub Pocketworldclub 4 January 2016

Guess that Moshling sound!

kyuki kikyu! (Slurp, slurp) kyukyu!

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important visit!!!

So I am obviously new, but one of my meanest teachers is going to be checking this wiki by creating her own account named after her, this account will be created by me since she is not very good at computers and she will be monitoring the pages and talking to some of you on the chat so that if she finds the wiki good enough she will allow my primary school to use Moshi Monsters and the wiki for educational reasons.

She asked me if one of the Moshi Wiki Moderators will show her around and tell her about the wiki.

This will be happening on Sunday 3rd January 2016.

Her name will be shown up as: "Mrs. Jaii"

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REALROSS REALROSS 24 December 2015

2016 priorities

2016 Moshi Monsters Wiki priorities

Due to lack of user input on the first blog, I have came up with a list of priorities based on what I feel are our best interests at this moment in time. The priorities are the things we as a wiki would like to accomplish in the forthcoming twelve months. My aim is to break most points down in to slightly more achieveable goals and to update this list as things are accomplished. I also want opinions from Abce and further from Pepper before treating the list as finalized. I also want to add new aims as we discover new tasks that need doing.

Mobile portability aims:

  • Ensure that all of our infoboxes are made portable for mobile device development. Whilst doing so ensure the use of consistent documentation.
  • Ensu…
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Dragonleaf5678 Dragonleaf5678 5 December 2015

What monster are you?

Hello everyone!

I recently came up with the idea of, depending on your role/ favourite function of the wikia, you're ranked as a specific character. (E.g. if you're a reliable coder, you're Waldo). I thought this would be a great thing to hook the community up to. So, here we go!

  • Frequent editor with small edits: Raffles
  • Someone who is very precise when it comes to grammar, *ahem* *ahem*: Roary Scrawl, because iPhone
  • Frequent editor with large edits: Tiamo (love of editing/ devotion)
  • Occasional editor with large edits: Wallop (because the contributions can make huge impacts or be "loud", and Wallop's design is obviously meant to signify a loud personality)
  • Occasional editor with small edits: Humphrey
  • Founder: Raffy
  • Frequent chatter: Rofl
  • Vandal? O.…
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Hello, its me. (I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet?)

I know it's just the start of December but extreme-festiveness and 2016 are just right around the corner. I feel 2016 will be a great year for our wiki because it gives us a deeper opportunity for us to become more content-rich as there is a strong chance Moshi aren't gonna wow us with loads more content. 2016 also gives us an opportunity for us to be updated and prepare for such "relaunch" supposed to happen in 2017.

So in order to make 2016 the most successful year on this wiki yet, I feel that we should set entire wiki goals and priorities for the year ahead. 

The thing with priorities/aims/goals is the ones we have often made in the past haven't been achieveable.…

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TheYellowYoshi TheYellowYoshi 4 November 2015

Name Change!

Just a quick note, my name is now TheYellowYoshi and not "Mario'n'Luigi 1.0.1. . This change was made for easy rememberance and other stuff, (you know:P)

Just to let you know,


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Mariojoe11 Mariojoe11 30 October 2015


Hey there!

Woah, what's that? It's a badge, of course! Badges are uber-cool items that are displayed on the side of your user page to let everyone know just how cool you are. Due to the current decline we have decided to bring badges back to add some fun into the wiki and encourage new editors to join in with editing! Most of the badges here are rewards from characters such as Juno, Roary Scrawl, Tyra Fangs and many more. You can check badges at Special:Leaderboard.

How do you earn them, you ask? Simple! Some badges are easy to earn, such as editing an article, but some aren't quite as easy to get, such as contributing to the wiki for over 100 days! There are also secret hidden badges from Judder and Penny!

However.. please try not to edit wi…

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I'm going to see Liberty!

Dear community,

I'm going on holiday to New York so I will be inactive from Monday 12th –Saturday 17th. Not too long but just you're all aware. This means I will not be able to participate in administrator duties. 

The time difference is –5 hours so that makes things awkward and I don't know what the WiFi will be like high in the sky! I'll likely be too busy to come on chat but I may make a few quick visits or something.

Have fun peeps

14:40, October 9, 2015 (UTC)
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Abce2 Abce2 6 September 2015

Moshi Monsters Wiki Youtube Channel!

Hey there everyone, ranging from casual lurkers to our dedicated editors. I'd just like to let you know that we now have an official Youtube channel, located at: This channel will mostly be used for uploading things for the Wiki, like Mission walkthroughs and things like that. We have a few dedicated users for video uploading, so even though it looks barren now, expect to see some great content in the future. File:Blinki HQ.png

Cheers, Abce2|Talk Contributions 21:26, September 6, 2015 (UTC)

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SkyePawPatrol SkyePawPatrol 18 August 2015

Moshi Monsters Died?

Help Moshi Monsters! They died!

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Mariojoe11 Mariojoe11 17 August 2015

One Word Edits/Changes

Hi there, 

I've noticed that our wiki has a lot of edits that just consist of spacing out a table and adding or changing one word. Now, I know these edits CAN be necessary at times, but I would like it if editors were to add extra content like a sentence of trivia or just general work up before making a one word edit. I must say it can be quite annoying when I spend time making an article and someone one-word edits it two seconds later.. If it's a page like an item which has nothing else to add then that's fine, but seriously, can we tone down these? It's not very helpful in showing the communities' potential to write awesome stuff..

Thank you,

The unobtainable Talk Blog

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Carwyn the Hollie Lover Carwyn the Hollie Lover 11 August 2015

GIVEAWAY: Food Factory Prizes!

Contest Closed!

Have you ever wanted to own a t-shirt 10 sizes too small or a plush toy with some crazy hair?

Well, you're in luck!

In this giveaway, there will be two prizes and two winners. A grand prize, with everything featured in the image above and more, and alsoa runner up prize. How do you enter? It's easy!

All you have to do is comment below. It can be a joke, any artwork you've made or just a few words. Only one comment will count towards your entry. 

  • Moshlings Collection Mrs Snoodle plush + unused code
  • Moshlings Collection Jiggles plush + unused code
  • Moshlings Madness Limited Edition Mrs Snoodle card
  • Moshi Monsters: The Movie Sountrack
  • Limited Edition Food Factory t-shirt
  • Food Factory tote bag 

  • Exclusive Bodge figure
  • Furnando code 
  • Moshi Vil…

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PepperSupreme PepperSupreme 5 August 2015

Presenting Admin: REALROSS

Well, whaddayaknow, we finally got to this!

Starting today, ever-so-active Rollback REALROSS has been promoted from ROSSback to BOSSback. While still being Ross...uh...because we do expect you to still rollback and stuff. (Please do!)

His perfectionist analystic skills will come in great value for our Wiki's structure. (Like, where is it, Pep?? You promised this for years!) HahaHAAH, what was that? Probably just the wind! Ask Fire, he knows about the wind. And other types of weather.

PepPepPep Sup? ..reme.. 21:30, August 5, 2015 (UTC)

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Abce2 Abce2 21 July 2015

References Project

Hey look, it's that crat. It's been a while since we've seen this guy.

Anyways, not to divert from the blog, I'd just like to apologize for my absence. I had a lot of things happened at the same time, and I had clean up each one separately.

Anyways, enough with the apologies.

This Wiki has a lot of unreferenced material. As in, most of the pages. We've already agreed to add references to all of this chaos, so let's get started.

First off, we need a starting point. I'm thinking perhaps something with the Monsters or something with the media we have would be a good place. From there, we can work our way out.

If you don't know how to do references, don't worry! Even I need a refresher course. It is a little bit of wiki-text, but it's easy once you…

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Mariojoe11 Mariojoe11 15 July 2015

Magnificent Moshi Circus - How to get the character YOU want!

Hello everyone!

I'm guessing you're here because you're after that oh-so hard to find character. Help is here! Check out this handy-dandy table below to get some tips on how to get your favourite character. I've also included traits from each character so you can get to know them more.


  • Gold and Ultra Rare characters are usually at the back of the blind bag boxes. There is two gold and two ultra rare characters in each box.
  • You will get either a gold or ultra rare character in each blister pack.

Now let's get to it!

What to feel for 
Who you could confuse them with 
Dumb, silly, immature and smart at times
For this strange mix of emotions, feel for a thin, long shape with a pointy nose. (like a certain oth…

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Nemolee.exe Nemolee.exe 12 July 2015

Link to Moshi Fanon

Please go to this link. The sister site is inactive:

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Hey everyone!
What is this? A Blog post? Psh.. I've not seen one of these in ages!

Just a quick notice to say that I will be inactive for roughly nine days from Tuesday 30th June — Wednesday 8th July as I will be going on a family holiday for a week to Chicken... I mean Turkey. Seven days holiday but the super weird flight times make it nine days. meh. 

I'm not sure what the WiFi will be like over there but I do hope to be on a few times. Don't expect me to be editing either, although you know what I'm like, I won't stick to my word xD

Have fun without me, I hope chat isn't too inactive and you'll all probably start talking about 
Anyways, I'll miss you all very much and have a good time without me!

18:36, June 28, 2015 (UTC)
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Lloyd the Leo Lover Lloyd the Leo Lover 11 June 2015

Well this is the last gtg

So my parents found out about here, they don't want me talking here because they think your all strangers, they said I can't do the trade with Ross and give Joe the rescue pack so I'm selling them in the Moshi Buy/Swap/Sell group on FB and as my figures aren't selling on eBay they will go up soon too. It's been fun with all the laughs and talks but I seriously gtg. Thank you everyone.

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Abce2 Abce2 6 June 2015

Community Discussion: IPs and References

I think I'm going to start heading any blogs that look for the community's input as "Community Discussion", so they can be sorted.

Anyways, just to get the last word on the IP issue, and so it isn't jumbled up with another proposition. Feel free to just put yes or no in the comments, we've all basically heard what everyone has to say about it. If you want to post your thoughts, though, feel free to. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's basically just letting IPs, or anonymous editors, edit again.

Another idea I'd like to suggest to the community is the addition of references. Most of you know what those are, so I won't waste time explaining them, though if you don't, don't be afraid to ask.

My suggestion would be to start adding ref…

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PepperSupreme PepperSupreme 18 May 2015

Presenting Admin: Mariojoe11

As most of you in the community already know, Joe has been promoted to admin status on May 16, 2015, as per nomination not receiving any opposition (or much feedback at all.)

Various individuals have requested me to remove Joe from the chat moderation and (forum) moderator position. This request goes against what Joe's position specifically is. He was nominated and granted his rights specifically for chat. He is a guardian with enhanced powers to stop those banned from chat to go and aim their frustration on the informative side of our Wiki. He required blocking powers but I, his nominator and Admin mentor, did not want this power to be added as a CM power. Therefor the only option was to promote him to Admin. Former Admin Toast was also pr…

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