Blinki the All-Seeing Moment Muncher is an Ultra-Rare Moshling in the Movies set in Moshi Monsters. They are based on a flying camera. They can take pictures, record videos and project holograms. 


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 Blinki can be obtained by playing the minigame Bug Rush, which can the accessed via the overview screen of The Moshi Movie Mystery quests. After catching a total of 1,200 bugs, he awakens from the totem and flies off to your Moshling Zoo.


With his long range moshiscopic eye, nifty side jets and twiddly transmitter, Blinki is fully equipped to capture any moment, no matter how bizarre. That's just as well because this adventure-seeking Moshling is Roary Scrawl's Moshi-cam partner in the movie making magic. Blinki can even playback the moments he munches via his holographic projector.

Collector's Guide

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My good friend Roary Scrawl knows much more about these fascinating Moshlings than I do. But that's hardly surprising because Roary uses one called Blinki to make movies. With their long-range Moshiscopic senses, nifty side-jets and twiddly transmitters, All-Seeing Moment Munchers are fully equipped to capture any event.. and that's just as well because they can also play back the moments they munch via their built-in holographic projectors. I might take one on my next expedition, but only if it promises not to follow me when I'm changing. Well, I don't want the whole world knowing about my Zack Binspin underpants... oops!
Hab holga

Where ever Roary Scrawl goes, Blinki follows, but it is believed this all-seeing sidekick first popped up on Shutter Island.
Inquisitive, kind, brave.
Lens wipes and rollicking stories.
Hot hoodoo stew and kerfluffling.


  • Blinki can be obtained in a similar fashion as Hoolio, where Blinki needs bugs instead of Ecto Gloops.
  • Blinki is the second Moshling to have only one eye, the first being Lurgee.
  • Blinki was expected to come out of an egg, as it was said at the party 5th birthday party of Moshi Monsters. However, such emerged having not been the case.
  • Blinki shares the same habitat as Holga, as they are both cameras.
  • Blinki was released in the Moshling Zoo on December 16th, 2013 with the release of The Moshi Movie Mystery.
  • Blinki appears in the Moshi Monsters: The Movie (released December 20th, 2013).
  • An image of Blinki was found on August 20, 2013 when Mind Candy released the Moshi Monsters: The Movie teaser poster. 
  • On August 24, 2013, Blinki's name and species was first revealed on the cover for the official movie novel.
  • Blinki's name is misspelt on the Moshi Monsters: The Movie themed Frubes as "Blinky".




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Moshi Monsters: The Movie

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