Bjorn Squish is a lazy, sandwich-snacking roarker that is usually seen sitting on a tree stump, on the near the construction area.

He is often seen eating a sandwich on the maintenance screen with Ken, discussing what is happening.

He is seen in Head Over Heels when the stage goes up behind him. Zack Binspin goes on an indoor stage afterwards.


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It’s hard work being a Roarker… unless your name is Bjorn Squish, that is. Bjorn claims he does heavy construction work, all day, every day. But if you hang around Main Street, you’ll soon see that the only hard work Bjorn does is lifting his sandwiches from his lunchbox to his mouth!
Energy boost
Monstrous newsflash! Bjorn was actually seen working! He carried some boxes down at the Port, though it took him a week of extra-long lunch breaks to recover!
Scrumptious sandwiches!
Bjorn does make a gloopendous sandwich. When his supervisor, Dizzee Bolt, took a bite of his Green on Fly Bread, she drooled so much that she said he could eat sandwiches all day – as long as he brought in extras for the other Roarkers!
Data file
Location: Main Street
Job: Roarker
Roarker co-workers: Ken Tickles, Rickety Boo
Dislikes: Crumbs in his bed

  • Orange hard hat to keep the Roarkers safe on site
  • Handy log for sitting on - Bjorn needs a rest after all his (hard) work!
  • Bjorn makes the yummiest sandwiches in the whole of the City.


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With an appetite for construction, Roarker Bjorn Squish is always on lunch break. By promising to bring extra sandwiches to work, he's gained special permission from his supervisor, Dizzle Bolt, to eat and eat the whole day through. er Roarkers!



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