Beau Squiddly is an ex-jazz musican who is now a fisherman, spotted at The Port.


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Monstro City proudly presents... Beau Squiddly! This musical maestro was once a jazz gooperstar who was a Daily Growl Top 10 best new artist. Sadly, Beau's career plummeted and he blew his fortune. These days he toils long hours as a fisherman to scrape together just enough Rox to feed his monstrous caviar habit. 
Doo-wop, de-dum, diddly-squiddly, shoowop-di-doo! Beau will never forget his glory days as a jazz legend. Better get singing for your supper then, Squiddly!
Fame is a fickle friend
Unfortunately for Squiddly, celebrity life went straight to his furry head. A few top-charting hits and several platinum albums later, Beau had splurged his riches on a fine dining addiction and too many trips to Horrods and Tyra's Spa.
Data File
Location: The Port
Job: Fisherman and ex-jazz musician
Likes: Fishing to feed his caviar obsession, reminiscing

  • Beau's hat is all that remains from his jazz days.
  • Beau keeps a jar of caviar under his hat.
  • Beau's mouth is gloomy and downcast when he thinks about the past.


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Beau Squiddly is a local jazz musician named one of Monstro City's best new artists. After several platinum albums and a few number one hits, he lost his fortune to excess and a caviar obsession that keeps him fishing to this day.


  • Beau keeps a large jar of caviar under his hat.
  • When Beau's fishing, he tends to think about the past.



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