Baby Rox the Glitzy BooHoo is an Ultra-rare Moshling in the Secrets set within the Moshi Monsters franchise. Baby Rox is a baby who is assisted by Simon Growl to be the next gooperstar hit.

Due to a court case rendering Lady GooGoo unusable by Moshi Monsters, Baby Rox is her replacement and as such one should associate all previous actions from Lady GooGoo with Baby Rox.


S1 M1


Some gooperstars like throwing their toys out of the pram. But not Baby Rox. I've yet to hear her toe-tapping music but the monsters at HighPants Productions tell me that this wah wah-ing Moshling is all set to take Monstro City by storm! I spoke to her high-trousered manager Simon Growl recently and he told me that this blinged-up baby enjoys dunking rusks in milky-wilk, rocking the cradle with her techno lullabies and bustin' out cutesy moves. (If any of you know what 'techno' is, I'm all ears!)

Mini Bio

Say coochie coo to Baby Rox, the wah-wah-ing gooperstar who's set to take the Moshi world by storm! When she's not being pampered by her manager Simon Growl or dunking her rusks in milky wilk, this blinged-up baby is rocking the cradle with her techno lullabies and busting out cutesy moves.


Unexplored Area

Like most Glitzy BooHoos, Baby Rox was born in Nappy Valley. These days, you'll find her boo-hoo-ing in Diddum Dales.



Diva-ish, babyish, outlandish.


Mashed blurghnips and moonwalking on talcum powder.


Bedtime and baby talk.


Peppy-razzi (pun on "Paparazzi")


  • Gooperstar and replacement of Lady GooGoo. She differs from Lady GooGoo in hair and eye colour and the glasses have been removed, her bonnet and pacifier are also different colours. (Baby Rox has a Purple Bonnet and a blue pacifier while Lady Goo Goo has a pink pacifier and bonnet). Baby Rox also has a bracelet.
  • She appears in The Underground Disco (Game) as she has a playable song called Peppy-razzi. This song is a pun of 'Paparazzi' by Lady Gaga, this is the only remnant of Baby Rox's "past" as a parody of Lady Gaga.






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