Babs is the shopkeeper of Babs' Boutique in Moshi Monsters.


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If it is extraordinary and the rare you are looking for, stroll on down to The Port. The boutique-alicious Babs has a fangtastic shop full of stuff that you can't lay your furry paws on anywhere else in the City. If you'd like a spotlit floor fit for a MonSTAR or a door from a space rocket, Babs' Boutique is the place to go.
Boutique babe
Babs was the first merchant to open her doors at The Port. Always welcoming with her monstrous smile, Babs has sold thousands of unusual items to her hairy customers.
Hairy locks
Those sprouting spikes don't just happen! If you want a beautiful hairy-style like Babs, pop into her Boutique and she'll sell you a jar of the Sneeze Wax Company's floor wax. Just rub the icky wax through your hair - Babs swears it contains the perfect conditioning properties!
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  • Funky bandana holds hair in place.
  • Babs' crowning glory is her perfectly styled hair.
  • Get the look! Stripes are moshi-tabulous in Monstro City, darling.


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Babs has sold thousands of rare and extraordinary items to citizens of Monstro City. She credits her perfect hair to the Sneeze Wax Company, insisting that floor wax contains perfect conditioning properties.


  • Babs takes Froggie Doggies down to Lillypad Lake and Croak Creek due to their lack of swimming ability.


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