100% Moshlings (2) is the third exclusive Moshi Monsters themed '100%' magazine, released on the 5th of February 2015. 

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Page Number Page Title
4 How to Catch a Moshling
6 Moshlings Story Part 1
8 Safari Sandbar Puzzles
11 Fact File: Snuffy Hookums
12 Make Chocolate Rainbow Truffles
14 Ziggy vs Zack
16 Style Busling
17 Roarsome Pull-out Posters
37 Do the Doodle
38 How to Draw
40 Moshlings Story Part 2
42 Moshling Puzzles
44 Zoshlings Comic
46 Make Cubelings
48 Can You Spot The Moshlings?
50 Puzzle Answers


  • It is the second '100% Magazine' issue to be themed around Moshlings and the second '100% Moshlings' magazine to be published.
  • The image shown in the advertisement in BFF Magazine #11 shows a different 'bag' than the one the magazine comes in, featuring Mr. Snoodle instead of Oddie.
  • Although a Moshi Monsters Village themed 100% magazine was planned, it did not release and 100% Moshlings (2) was the final Moshi Monsters themed 100% magazine.



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