100% Moshlings is the second exclusive Moshi Monsters themed '100%' magazine, released on the 16th of October 2014 and was available in shops until the 19th November 2014.

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Page Number Page Title
4 Buster's Sanctuary
6 Happy Halloween Screamies!
8 Meet the Spookies
10 Mega Giveaway!
12 Story: The Strangers from the Stars (Part 1)
14 Hoodoo Games Puzzles
16 Purdy's Party Snacks
18 Colouring Page
19 A - Z of Moshlings
36 Puzzle Time!
38 Make a Moshling Display Case
40 Crowd Control Puzzle
42 How to Draw Moshlings
44 Design-a-Moshling Winners!
46 Story: The Strangers from the Stars (Part 2)
48 Zoodoo Games Puzzles
50 Colouring Page
52 (back cover) Moshling Pencil Toppers


  • A second magazine named '100% Moshlings' will be released on February 5th, 2015.
  • 100% Moshlings is the second '100% Magazine' issue to be themed around Moshi Monsters, the first being 100% Moshi Karts, the third being 100% Moshlings (2) and the fourth being 100% Moshi Village which was planned but never released.